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Girls in Jeans

 The Vision

Having an online space so that you can shop in the comfort of your own home and be satisfied that with buying my products you will feel good in your own skin and ooze the confidence you desire to stand tall and not feel judged by what clothes you wear, what colour skin you have or what makeup you have on your face.

I know how it feels to feel second-best and I am determined to boost your self-esteem with knowing that you are not alone and I can support you with having an ever-growing collection of products on my website just for you. 

Have faith that I love what I do and I will continue to be a guiding light for people like yourself who want more in their life and shouldn't have to shop a million times on the internet.

Everything is in one space, here on my site, for you.


 The Mission

My mission is for you to feel safe, enjoy your time browsing my website for comfortable and amazing clothing, beautiful skincare, incredible makeup and much more.

I want you to smile and have the best experience and know that you are 100% being taken care of and respected in this online space.

You are important and you are enough!

About Helen

Helen Natural.png

Helen is a Mum of 4 children and 4 angel babies. She is a Nanny to 5 grandchildren and lives in the UK.

Helen is an entrepreneur and has been in direct sales and marketing for over 12 years. She used to be a Carer.

She is passionate about making people feel good about themselves, no matter what they do, what size they are or what colour or creed.

Her belief is that below the skin everyone is the same and everyone needs validating.

Helen's customers mean SO much to her and she loves adding the personal touch to her businesses through building solid relationships. Her customers feel comfortable and valued as she goes above and beyond for them all.  

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